Sometimes it’s tough knowing exactly what you want from life. Because it gets so fucking big and overwhelming to pursue.

I want to be a tattooer. A great one. I want to make art. Art that fulfills me and fulfills others. On the human body.

Once I’ve fulfilled my obligation as an apprentice, I want to move. I don’t know where. But out of state. I want to travel the country tattooing. Then the world. Europe. Asia. All over the globe.

Once I’ve earned my keep, respect, and gall as a tattooer…I want to find home base. Open my own shop. Employ good artists whose hearts are in the right place. Tattoo until my hands no longer allow.

Oversee my shop. Take care of my tattooers. Travel some more. Make my home with the one I love and a few dogs. Keep making art. Never stop creating.

This is my plan for fulfillment. It’s big, but I’ve got to see it through with every breath I take.